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5 Wires and Hoses

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This is the part of the build that I've been dreading.  17 trips to get hose fittings, 27 trips to find wire connectors.  Hours of research on how to wire a whole car.

[pics of boring hoses and wires here]

I couldn't find a way to T the return lines from the hydroboost and power steering from 3/8 to 5/8 cleanly, so I made a Y adapter.  Not too difficult to fabricate, but a PITA to test for leaks.  I was planning on buying more hose to complete the return, but the hose shop was closing in 2 min.  Instead I found out that I have drop 5/8" SS tube and I could bend it in my angle rolls.  I also found some compression unions that we don't use anymore at work and voila! a section of stainless hardline return for no reason.

The turbo oil feed/drain kit I bought looks fancy, but didn't have the right flanges on either end so I modified the parts I had and made them work.  Not too excited about the braided line with hose clamps, but it works, and I don't think anyone will see it (except you seeing it here on my blog).  The stock one went from 1/2 tube to 3/4" tube; I don't know why.  I'm hoping keeping 1/2" tube the whole distance will work fine.  Building the filler tube and vent took FOREVER.  I had to build an adapter from 2" on the tank to 1.75" for the stock filler tube.  I tried for hours to get a 1/2 hose on a 3/4 fitting for the vent, and finally drove back to the hose shop for a 3/4" tube to make it easier.


When I built the fuel tank, I built a sump area with an internal diptube going into the bottom of the sump.  The two ports up high were supposed to be the diptube and an open return.  Then later I added a low drain that drains out of the sump.  My diptube had several cuts and tube welds and I never tested my welds for leaks.  After I sealed up the tank, I realized that if that diptube has pinhole leaks, the fuel pump is going to suck air in and could screw with fueling.  So I decided to use the diptube port as the return, and use the drain as my main fuel supply.  It leaves a little exposed external piping, but I know I won't get any air in the lines.  Now the return is on the diptube, flooding the sump in the tank, which will also help low level fuel supply.  Too many words; click on the lower left pic to see a bigger image.


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