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7 Rework

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Rework cost 3x as much as doing it right the first time.
(as long as you know what you're doing)

Update June 16, 2019
First full refill of the fuel tank.  602 miles traveled, 30.5 gallons added, 19.7 mpg!  Not bad.  All commuting and random driving, zero sustained hwy miles.

Update June 18, 2019
I spent a few hours building half my exhaust.  It's so much quieter.  The only problem is that now I can hear all the other squeaks and noises the Jeep is making.
Pay no attention to that weld wire exhaust hanger.  I need more time to build the hangers and get isolators.

Update June 23, 2019
Took the Jeep out to the woods for a night of camping and climbed some pretty good hills up to about 3000'.  Nothing that needed 4WD, but it was long 1st gear climbs.  Highest temps yet at 185F water and almost 900F EGT.  Still well within reason.  Makes me think that a radiator shroud would help for those slow hill climbs.   

On the way back I rolled the scale.  Just me, some gear, some tools, and 3/4 fuel:
2650 front
2400 rear
5050 both

As I was leaving the scale I finally had a flat, straight, no traffic on ramp, so I did a 0-60 test with the stopwatch on my phone.  
17.95 seconds.  She's not a drag racer at all.    I used an online calculator and working backwards that means I have about 104 HP at the crank.
If that's true, and I can actually turn up the fuel to 200 HP, my 0-60 time will drop to 10.9 seconds.  Still not blistering, but decent.  

Update 8-18-2019:

This is by no means a complete list of parts that I've bought for this project, but it is most of the big stuff.  It's listed here for me as a reference just as much as it is for you if you're curious.

Wagoneer Features
1989Isuzu4BD1t3.9L 4 Cyl. Turbo Diesel
2017ChampionEC571Radiator 2-Row
2017CX RacingIC0022CAC 375 HP (Intercooler)
1994GMAstrovanBrake Hydroboost
2017Diesel AdaptersIsuzu to GMMotor to Trans Adapter
2017DIY Auto TuneTrans controllerTransmission Control
1987Dana/Jeep CJD300Transfer Case
2017Advance Adapters50-0440Trans to TC Adapter
Front Axle, Disc Brakes. 3.65:1
Rear Axle, Disc Brakes, Posi., 4.30:1
1977JeepWagoneerF&R Leaf Springs

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