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August 10, 2018  One step forward, 4 steps backward.

I wasn't planning on doing the interior until I had to.  Long after I'd been driving the Jeep for a while.  I also wasn't planning on touching the headliner.
Finding a mouse living up there changed all that.
Transmission works: 1 step forward.
Now I'm tearing down the headliner: 1 step backward.
While I'm doing that, I should add sound deadener: 2 backward.
I might as well do new insulation as well: 3
If I'm buying all the sound and heat insulation I should buy it for the floor too.
If I'm scraping all the existing 45 year old insulation off, I should paint the metal: 4 backwards.


The pictures tell most of the story.  I wanted to salvage the headliner, but willing to replace it if its ruined by mouse pee.  I rinsed it twice and laid it out in the sun to dry.  The sun does a good job at removing smells.  Then I got a bottle of "Nature's Miracle" and soaked it twice completely.  There are some stains in the canvas where nobody will see, but I put my nose right on the worst spot and all I could smell was canvas and a pleasant citrus.  I feel good about re-using it.  Whether or not I can re-install without damage is yet to be determined.

Despite having some surface rust in the front boot areas, I think the floors look great.  I've seen a lot worse online.



Reading up on sound deadening is daunting.  There's 1,000 ways to do it, and everyone's got a method.  I picked Noico 80 mil butyl, mostly because it was easy to buy and cheaper than the name brand Dynamat.  I know I only need to cover 25% of the sheet metal for good enough sound deadening, but it also acts as a thermal insulator, so I just covered the whole roof and I'm going to cover the whole passenger area floor.  I'm also adding their 140 mil closed cell PE foam insulation/deadening on top of that.  I should have some butyl left over to put in the doors.  We'll see.  The foam has a small layer of butyl on it for adhesion, but adds to the total weight of deadener.  I also ordered the carpet with a "mass backing" option which will also add to the insulation content on the floor.  I know it's not ready for a 2,000 amp stereo system, but I think it will wage a fine battle with the rattle-trap I'm putting under the hood.


Rough estimates are 4x8' for the roof and 4x4' for the passenger area.  That's 48sf.
72 sf of 80 mil butyl at $1.74/sf
54 sf of 170 mil foam at 1.67/sf

I also bought 26 various spring mouse traps, and made 2 bucket traps.  One is "walk the plank" $14 on eBay.  The other is a "log roll" that I made from conduit.
Baiting everything with chunky peanut butter and I have 6 kills so far.  No kills or missing bait for the last 10 days.

Update 8/24/2018

Finished sound deadener and insulation fitting.  Then unboxed the carpet kit to let it relax into shape while I work on the headliner and windshield.

The headliner was not too bad.  It's back in and 96% perfect.  The windshield wasn't too bad to put in.  Took me 40 mins to put the glass in, and 2-3 hours to fit the chrome trim.  I expected 4 hours on the glass and 10 min on the trim.  


Next move is to fit the carpet and bolt the seats down.  Then I can actually go for a drive to the DMV to get it registered.  -KM

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