Finally getting to the logos and emblems that I never put back on in 2017

I riveted them to a sheet of metal so I could polish them all together.

First I sanded off all the failing chrome, then polished the letters.

Then I painted everything Charcoal Grey, then used the same polisher to remove the paint from the letters.

I think the badges are made from zamak not aluminum, so I finished them with a clear coat. Hopefully it lasts.

This is my idea for replacing the logo on the front and back.

I just used a Solidworks font that was close. 16g Brass in a #4 polish.

The letters are flat, but the Airstream front has a radius, so I had to roll them to match if I wanted them to sit flat.

The glue kind of made a mess, but it worked well with a bit of cleanup around the letters once the template was removed.

A year later polishing the letters was easy with a drill mounted cotton wheel and some polish!