Paint, wheels, seat, polish, and touch up.

Here's a picture of "Mad Mike" finishing up my tail section.

I brought home the bodywork Sunday night. I have so much more work to do before I put the bodywork on, I don't even want it near the bike. Again, the pictures don't do the paint job justice.

I can assure you, it looks killer.

The bike is sitting in the garage, basically frame and engine.

Tonight I decided to finish touching up the frame around the motor and see if I could touch up the motor with some silver engine paint as well. So I started stuffing newspaper around the motor, taping it together, clearing all the wires out of the way, so I’d have a good shot at the rest of the frame. It wasn’t really working out, and I really couldn’t get to most of the bad spots. Then I realized I only had about 3 more bolts to undo, some wire connectors, and I could just take out the motor.

That would make it easier to paint the motor too. It only took me about 10 min. to lift the motor out, and it wasn’t as heavy as I thought it would be. Well, the side covers are off, the clutch is out; but it still wasn’t too much of a back breaker. Anyway, I start sanding away at the frame, I grab my drill with a small wire wheel, I start looking at the wiring harness and what’s left of the bike. For crying out loud, I’m 95% of the way to a bare frame. So I take about 20 pictures of the wiring harness, and all the routing of the cables and stuff. I snake the wiring harness out of the frame, unbolt the front end, and hang the entire front end from a rafter with the wiring harness draped over the bars.

I am waiting on a new clutch, and I also ordered a DJ jet kit. So I can still work on that stuff while the frame is away.

A few more parts off, and I guess I'm powder coating the frame before this thing goes back together. The frame is now stripped and sitting in the back of my truck so I can drop it off tomorrow.

A month ago I was thinking that I would just ride the bike for a couple years, then freshen up the motor and finish all the details; like powder coating the frame. Oh well, that's how it goes.

Today I picked up my seat from Matt. It looks really killer, but it's hard to tell without mounting it on the Bike.

I'm pretty impressed with the new lines of the seat.

I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier. I almost broke my clutch drum on another bike trying to hold it with pliers.

I put in my new Clutch from A.P.E. and it came with new clutch springs. (they're the green ones)

The top needle is the stock one. If you want to know why a DynoJet kit is better than just putting in different sized stock jets, here's the reason: most of the time when you ride, you are on the needle jetting (1/4 to 3/4 throttle). The art of the DJ kit (and most other jet kits) is in the taper of the needle.

I decided to clearcoat the alum. parts that I polished. It makes me kind of nervous when the paint is wet it looks all cloudy. Luckily, that all clears up as it dries.

Media blasted and ready for powder coating.

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