Relocating the rear brake and fitting the exhaust

With the stock swingarm there is plenty of room for the rear brake master cylinder push rod, the return spring, and the spring for the brake light switch. The new 1990 GSXR1100 swingarm takes up all this space.

<-- I took this picture before I started the project.

So I cut off the master cylinder mounting bracket.

Cut it down and welded it onto the next frame element back. This would be called the sub-frame on a modern bike, but this frame is all one piece.

I also welded a bolt into the hole that the springs used to use, and relocated the springs out of the way of the swingarm. Add one spring with an extended straight area to the shopping list, but safety wire will work for now. Look how dirty and rusty everything is.

Add some spacers, and voila! I have to go shopping for some small nuts and bolts, but these will hold in place for now.

More “machining” AKA: grinder to make some room.

I can’t believe they fit perfectly. I was worried that they would hit the swingarm, or the relocated brakes, or the center stand, but they are sweet!!

Everything is tight now. There is virtually no wiggle room on the left side between the swing arm and the footpeg support.

Ahh. The new pipes arrive.Vance and Hines 4 into 1 Chrome Street Megaphone - $253.97 brand new.

I had to remount the tank and run the motor just so I could listen to the pipes.

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