Swingarm, Brakes, Forks, Wheel Spacers, Before/After pics

As much as I wish I could justify buying a TIG welder, I had to find someone to weld the shock mounts on for me. Guy builds boat towers, and he's Good!

Another friend of a friend has a metal lathe, and we spent an afternoon making these perfect spacers. 15mm axle and 20mm ID bearings.

This is the brake stay that I relocated under the swingarm.



To Do List: just to do some test riding.

1. Find front rotors - I had some, but it turns out they were bent.

2. Buy sprockets and a chain. 530 - 17/47 (5/8 offset cs)

3. Buy grips - that's an easy one!

4. Buy some front brake lines.

To Do list: once the bike is on the road.

1. polish side cases

2. polish swingarm

3. powdercoat wheels and frame

4. paint bodywork and tank

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