Final Assembly

Touched up the swingarm.

Wheels and frame back from powder coating.

I'm pretty excited.

I found it easier to turn the motor sideways and lower the frame around the engine.

The swingarm went on like it was supposed to be there.

Mounted up some race take-offs. This happens to be a 190 and I don't know if it's going to fit. I used a 180 on my mockup and it barely fit. This set is a Motoczysz C1 test tire.

That's your Glory, son.

Re-insulated and routed the wiring harness, put the carbs on, and started putting the bodywork on.

Same with the front end.

I actually just sat back and cracked a PBR at this stage and just looked at the bike for an hour.

Tomorrow in the daylight I'll roll her out for some proper pictures.

Can you tell the roof leaks in my crappy shed?

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